Last week, my home-made porn site was getting much more visits than normal… hits jumped from about 100/day to over 3000 hits last Monday. It’s dropped off since then though… to between 200-600 hits per day now. At first I got nervous about it — not realizing why.

But then I think I figured it out — the Grammy awards!

For the Grammy’s had a very pregnant and talented MIA singing in a rap song. And, it just so happens, my wife’s name on my porn site is Mia too, and I have some of her pregnant photos up (nudes). So, I think people searching for a pregnant Mia stumbled across my site.

At first, I started to panic and thought about taking the site down. The site has many names… easiest is: … combining her name Mia with mine, Ron.

So… I almost took the site down, for I worry, if it gets too popular, someone who knows us might find us. But then, I worked long and hard and figured out how to block the site from people with Canadian Internet addresses — for we live in Canada. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s good enough. And it adds the safety factor that we need… and this will also help me to get Mia’s permission to put more videos up.

Mia, by the way, isn’t my wife’s real name, but it’s a name I choose… for, of course, for a porn type site, I don’t want to use her real name. My real name is Ron though.

Our porn site — it was something I created a long time ago… I think about 3 years ago, back in 2006. It was before I started my blog and before I discovered WordPress. The idea behind it was mostly something to help spice up our sex lives. I told Mia it was to help us get some extra income — but the money never really came. And I never really did it for money.

One idea — a fantasy I have… is to share my wife — like to try “swinging”. Mia isn’t open yet to the idea — but maybe someday, after the children have grown up. Mia can’t really disassociate love and sex though. I’m not sure if I can either.

But we can both watch porn movies to help get us in the mood for love making — so, I think that’s not very different from having sex in a room with other people also having sex.

People have fetishes — and I suppose mine is to be watched when making love… and to be able to other people’s juices flowing by watching us. I think it stems from my childhood — never feeling myself attractive, always being picked last for sports. Even at work too — even though I survived many layoffs, I have been the last to get a promotion.

In person, face to face, I have never really been pursued by a girl/woman. On the internet though, with my writing, I was able to win a couple hearts and my current wife.

So… all this has lead me to creating my porn site — feeling a sense of excitement that right now, somewhere in the world, someone might be watching my videos and having an orgasm as they watch me and Mia’s orgasms. That is exciting, safe, and beautiful — orgasms helping to create more beautiful orgasms.

My second “fetish” is that I find myself attracted most to Asian girls — something about them that I’ve always found so beautiful. Like a shyness, sweetness, tenderness, closeness with nature and the past… just so very beautiful. Maybe it’s not what they really are though — but more a fantasy and illusion, but that’s ok. And this too stems from my past — seeing myself as shy, an outsider. I always feel like I’m in my own world, different from those around me.

I wonder… when I was in China, I felt completely free and open as I walked the streets and took photos of people. I took lots of photos — 5000 photos over 3 weeks… half family related though and half of strangers. I was watching this street photography lesson on youtube — about how to just move about in busy New York and take photos of people and things happening without people noticing.

And yet, in Toronto, I would be too self-conscious and unconfident to do it. I’ll try it this year though. And I think it will be ok — once I get over the initial fear. It’s about being confident and not act like I’m doing anything wrong. Of course, especially if there is anything sexual or if children are involved, people might get upset and defensive. I need to make a profession website to showcase my photos — and the get some business cards made. So then, if anyone stops on the street, I can give them my card and they can visit the site to see the photos.

In China, I would take photos of mothers and of children, and then show them the photo on the camera — and they we’re all so happy and excited to see the photos. I loved that. It also helped to have my 5 year old daughter with me — for then I wasn’t just a single strange man. And she helps relax me and give my life purpose.

Being a father is a very important part of who I am.

So, I’m many things. A father. A husband. A software developer. A nudist. A porn star/director wannabe. A future possible swinger. I love nature. And I try to minimize stress.

Date: 19/02/09 | Time: 1:10 PM
Anyway… where was I?

Now with the jump in visitors to my home-made porn site, I want to devote more time to it — get new content up… and it needs a redesign to make it easier to add content. I want to make it into a blog type format. Do you find my blog too slow to access though?

But, I’ve never really liked the name — for people don’t really know what it means… I tried other names too, like (I sort of like that one :-) ,,, … but these names never really seemed true to what I want the site to be about.

I want the site to be about more than just home-made porn. I want it to be about love. I want it to show a more tender type of sex… making love between lovers. I never liked the coarseness of calling it “fucking”… for that’s not true to my character.

It’s not about mainstream, cold porn. I want it to be about making love. was already taken though. And I want it to be about the beauty of having sex — the beauty of giving and receiving a beautiful orgasm.

I looked up “Making Love” and found it is synonymous with “Sexual Love”. I then looked up “Sexual” and came across “Sensual”.

And I like the definition of “Sensual”: “Of, relating to, or providing gratification of the physical and especially the sexual appetites. Suggesting sexuality. Giving of pleasure to the body and senses rather than the mind. Having a strong liking for physical, especially sexual pleasures. Of the body and senses rather than the mind or soul.”

And this seems very applicable for what I want the site to be about. I want to be more about my thoughts, my mind. And I want my porn site to be about sharing orgasms… sharing physical and sexual pleasures… and to help people satisfy their sexual appetites.

I love the “River” theme of my site too… for River is a metaphor for our lives. I truly believe life is like a River. NudeRiver is about me being completely open and honest and sharing my life with you.

So… I bought a new domain name on the weekend… actually 3. I bought,, and was just because it’s more explicit and easier to remember than… they will both point to the same site. is a future possible name — something more personal, like letters from me to you… And love is something I truly believe we should share.

Take care now… hope you like my new site names… and over the coming days I’ll create the new site.

Date: 19/02/09 | Time: 3:09 PM

Love always…


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